What is Feminine Energy?

What is Feminine Energy?

We live in a masculinized society, where a woman has to be well educated, successful in her career, good mother, good wife/girlfriend, good daughter. Moreover she should be beautiful, healthy, strong, social, kind and sweet. As the result, her true femininity may suffer and express itself as resentment. If you feel not happy, not good enough, not being able to find or fulfill your life purpose as a woman and to live the best form of you, learning feminine energy is for you.

Without the right attention & skills this may gradually pile up and result in a stuck life situation, dissatisfaction, frustration, sadness or complete exhaustion. Discovering your wisdom and power of the feminine energy, encourages to recreate joy and sense of fulfillment. Only you can learn that, no one else can do that for you.

Masculine energy in women

Every person has masculine and feminine energies within themselves. If we take a woman living constantly her masculine nature: she’s very rational, doer, pushes results forwards, plans and negotiates very well. Moreover, she is a risk taker, goal driven, crisis manager & self-confident! These are great qualities in career and mothering children. But probably not in the love life… This usually drives strong men away, stealing their position to be a valued man, a leader in the relationship. Unfortunately often attracts weak indecisive men, who prefer mommy, servant or nanny instead of a woman.

Excessive masculine energy

If the scale balance weights too much on one masculine energy side by a woman, one gets to be verbally harsh and critical, jealous & possessive, hyper-controlling, pushy, aggressive or even violent. Competing and being right takes over more or less all the areas of the woman’s life. Verbal competitions at works, with her children, fighting with her partner. Forming a mad, hysteric and tired witch.

Broken feminine energy flashes

On on hand, one would think that feminine woman, is some kind of week slot. Imagine one who does not have an opinion, interests, sits at home, polishes her nails and agrees on most of things to avoid fights. Keeps serving and being sweet. On the other hand, one would question, is it actually a bit dull and blind? None of them, that is simply a broken feminine.

When the weight of the feminine energy weights on the unhealthy side, woman gets to feel not good enough. Next to that insecure, seeing for confirmation by others, doubts herself, overthinks conversations, fears & future. Or even worse: starts acting like doormat by not being able to stand up for herself. Or relapses into complaining, nagging, accusing or blaming.

Empowered feminine energy qualities

So how do the empowered feminine qualities look? First of all, woman who knows how to hold herself together. Who knows how to listen and how to speak. She has an ability to receive compliments, gifts, pleasure without being too much. Is present in the NOW more than in the past or future. She has ability to really listen, without urge to explain herself or to convince someone of who she is.

Moreover: non-judgmental, but doesn’t waste her energy on negative people trying to change them. Nor allows any form of verbal, mental or physical abuse. Doesn’t abandon her sexual self. Honors her values and principles. Has clarity in what she accepts and does not accept. Driven by desire, not by need – to organize, to work, to inspire.

Furthermore, open hearted and soft, capable to verbalize the hardest things in a respectful and light way. Still, is very clear and firm on inside. But that does not make her mad, locked up, or grumpy. Has a healthy relationship with her emotions, knows her high’s and low’s, is capable to deal with that. And if not, she seeks for professional help. Finally, has strength to show and share what she feels, but never blames or makes others feel responsible for her emotions.

How to reconnect with the feminine self?

To sum up, it’s okay to wear dresses and jewelry. But that’s not what feminine energy nature is about. So where does it lie? Finally, I’d say owning the right gut feeling, independent sense of self-worth, strength in ability to respect herself. Also, a lot in feeling, learning to verbalize, to communicate in a feminine way.

Due to lack of that, I believe many women get exhausted, unhappy and tired. Furthermore, multiple physical malaise and emotional difficulties may follow. Simply because they forgot how to connect with their femininity, peace & joy. They got home-blind for their physical and soulical temple – body and heart. Got focused on carrying the heavy carriage of life, doing very well, rather than Being WELL themselves first. Reconnecting with the feminine power would remind about honoring all these born treasures.

Interested in reflection, where could you have suppressed parts your feminine nature and how to recover it? It’s unfolded during personal talking sessions. Welcome to the beautiful journey of you being you! Ask for a coaching session >>