The advantage of Intelligent Bodywork programs over any other burnout programs:
    Physical symptoms as well as emotional-mental stress are treated directly.

Heal BURNout – HOW does it work?

Burnout Coach The Hague – unique & effective way to reverse your burnout

Burnout Coaching and treatment in The Hague

Burnout Coaching and treatment in The Hague

Intelligent Bodywork designs a treatment for you with a combination of innovative conversational therapies as well as alternative body therapies to help you treat physical symptoms, depletion, tiredness, stress and burnout.

Unique Burnout treatments in The Hague for body and mind

Unique Burnout treatments in The Hague for body and mind

Differently from other practitioners, we research how your mental and physical symptoms cooperate with each other.

Also, we search the best way to get your symptoms better. You get to talk, to analyze, to feel, to breath, to process, to give it a place, to relax your body and to let go.

Burnout coach The Hague –         Give up LACK of ENERGY

Positive change to heal or prevent Burnout?

Positive change to heal or prevent Burnout?

On the psychological level: during the sessions you increase your awareness on your patterns, stuckness and explore how to seek inner peace and balance. You discover the subconscious patterns that run your mind, feelings and life.

Moreover, sessions teach you to rediscover yourself and to shift to the right direction so that you can sustain your level of energy.

Furthermore, you learn to reprocess, let go of the old skin, beliefs, emotions and lifestyle which do not serve you any longer. Finally, you learn to develop a new relaxed patterns and joyous skills. Extra Coaching & Mentoring >> for WOMEN

Which sequency and effect can you expect from a BURN-OUT Treatment >> Read More

STRESS attacks your BODY?
STOP it! Burnout Coach The Hague

For example: you slept for 12 hours but woke up still completely exhausted. So how to let go? And what?

Stop Burnout & sleep better

Stop Burnout & sleep better

On the physical level
Firstly, sessions teach you to experiences of deep peace, to improve the flow and the circulation in the body. Also, to help your the nervous system to calm down, to let go of blocks and to recharge. Did you know: blood pressure peaks, heart palpitations or hyperventilation may be the physical expression of fear, stress or burnout?

Secondly, we will take in consideration all your physical symptoms that worsen with stress and give extensive advice how to tackle it. We will explore with various methods IF and HOW is your body capable to un-freeze and to improve. Read more about BODY>>

                                                                    FIRST AID for RELAXATION

When there is no verbal reprocessing possible, one of the alternatives are Intelligent Bodywork ( Burnout coach The Hague ) physical treatments. It work as the first aid support, that helps to restore basic feelings of security and tranquility after great physical or mental shock, months before the person is ready to reprocess the situation verbally. Get in touch>>

Holistic but realistic. In conclusion, we work with holistic ways of treatment. Still, we care that all our methods are down to earth, researched and effective. Our license and qualification in Alternative Healthcare, accredited and annually controlled by professional organizations LVNT & RBCZ. Read more about the Therapist>>

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