Craniosacral therapy in The Hague

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Welcome to the Craniosacral Therapy in The Hague.
Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle manual (hands-on) therapy that improves the body’s natural ability to heal. For 30 years, Craniosacral shows to be effective in treating a wide range of physiological pain, bio-mechanical problems, systemic and emotional well-being.

Craniosacral therapy in The Hague

Craniosacral therapy in The Hague

Since the body cannot let go of restrictions by itself. Instead of using cracking or pressure, therapist follows the body’s response to ease a symptom. Craniosacral Therapy practitioner helps the body to let go of pressure. As the result, this way of treating ensures that the method is safe and effective.

Craniosacral therapy for body and mind

Craniosacral therapy for body and mind

What does Healthline say about craniosacraltherapy?

Why to choose for Intelligent Bodywork?

Firstly, many physical symptoms do not always fully heal by the regular treatments. This is due to the ‘gray’ zone between body and mind, which has not been addressed by regular medicine. But what is actually that zone? Our goal is to research and tackle this area together with you. This can activate your self-healing processes.

Intelligent Bodywork uses effective therapies

Intelligent Bodywork uses effective therapies

Change the way you feel

Furthermore, every physical complaint has stress background. Even if the stressful situation cannot be avoided, treatments can activate the self-healing process in the body. As the result, this changes the way you feel. Next to that, treatments help you to improve your sleep and get more energy. Finally, physical symptoms and pains reduce.

Switch off the causes

Finally, many health conditions do not show any signs of pain. Still your body may stress and fatigue returns, we help you to investigate why stress in your body is switched on again. Next to the the physical improvement, you can also get insights on how to prevent it: what are my patterns? Where am I stuck? Where do I have to go? What do I need? How do I solve it?

Multiple treatment choices

Firstly, a professional and experienced therapist teaches you to let go of the blockades and suppression by the therapeutic body-oriented treatment. Secondly, a sustainable maintenance of the body works preventively against stress, exhaustion and pain. Finlally, we qualify and practice more body therapies such as medical reflexology, visceral therapy, kinesiology, medical shiatsu therapy.

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Treatment price per 2023 is 100 Euros per 1 hrs of treatment. Practice is located in The Hague city center. Get in touch>>

Cranio sacral therapy The Hague

For which symptoms?

Firstly, physical complaints

Headaches, migraines, dizziness, high blood pressure, cramps in the abdomen (IBS), shortage of breath / asthma, inflammation (rheumatism, bladder, sinuses), menstruation / menopause, allergies, medically explainable chronic complaints or medically unexplained symptoms.

Secondly, tension and pain

Nerve pain, whiplash, joint problems (jaw, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle), stiffness in the neck, shoulders and back, wrong posture or movement patterns.

Thirdly, stress and burnout

Exhaustion, fatigue and burnout, insomnia, stress.

Finally, prevention

We also offer preventive measures to prevent complications of diseases or to detect them at the earliest possible stage. Next to that, recover faster after surgery or de-stressing before surgery with the craniosacral therapy.

Cranio sacral therapy The Hague


It didn’t seem that I had much stress in life, or tension in my body, but my body was braking with chronic bowel inflammation with a lot of abdominal pain and blood in the stool. I was regularly under the treatment of the specialist and used medication, it seemed to help periodically, but after a break of few months I was falling back into the same over and over again.

I accidentally got referred by a friend to Intelligent Bodywork seeking for relaxation. It was like discovering a new world for me: it has shown me the corners of myself that I have never even dreamed of having. Those inner discoveries didn’t seem to have something concrete to do with inflammation (I learned to fall into ‘helplessness’ and allow myself to feel it). As a result I’m free from symptoms for 1.5 year already.

Sara A.Inflammation is gone

After a skull injury I was diagnosed with a compression between 3-4 neck vertebra, though I had pain radiation in half of the body. I visited from neurologist till every possible therapist I could – yes I got a diagnose, but regular treatments didn’t help or it made pain it worse. By Vytaute Babone I received craniosacral therapy and reflexology, which made me want to live again. Today I can function with minor symptoms and sometimes return for prevention.
– Anthony J.

AnthonyRadiating pain is gone

Qualified, experienced and certified

Your Craniosacral Therapy in The Hague specialist followed several HBO courses to qualifications. She qualifies in the treatment of pain, body complaints and stress related physical symptoms. These qualifications meet the requirements of alternative health care. The therapist has the HBO diplomas in Medical Knowledge Background and in Psychosocial therapy according to PLATO / CPION requirements. That gives you access to the reimbursement of your health insurance. GET in TOUCH>>


Healthcare provider AGB code.

Practice AGB code.

RBCZ professionals in complementary care (doctors and therapists at HBO level) registration

LVNT (National Association of Natural Medicine).


KvK registration Intelligent Bodywork.

VAT registration.

The treatments fall under Complementary Care / Alternative Care / Naturopathy and they are reimbursed by most insurance companies.