Life Coach – Rapid Transformation

Even though we work with men & women on multiple levels, I find it important to highlight a few special situations that we mentor women through. These require special life coach skills & experience, which regular therapies would often miss!

Transformational areas that we work on during the
program include career change as well as personal life change

Feminine Energy
Women Coaching

Women Coaching

Living in a masculinized society, where a woman has to be well educated, successful in her career, good mother, good wife, good daughter, beautiful, healthy, strong, social, kind and sweet! Her true femininity may suffer and express itself as resentment. If you feel not happy, not good enough, not being able to find or fulfill your life purpose as a woman and to live the best form of you, learning feminine energy is for you. Without right attention & skills this may gradually pile up and result in a stuck life situation, dissatisfaction, frustration or lack of purpose. Discovering your wisdom and power of the feminine energy, encourages to recreate joy and sense of fulfillment. Only you can learn that with the support of a skilled life coach, no one else can do that for you!

Love Skills & Relationship Challenges
Love & Relationship Coaching

Love & Relationship Coaching

Absolutely every person deserves love, so do you! The easiest way is always to STOP LOVING, to TURN Your HEART AWAY (I was for years mega good in that :D), to get locked up, to SUFFER, to turn your MIND NEGATIVE about challenges, or about everything. This will teach you the skills to improve your love life, to soften and resolve your relationship challenges. Classical ways say that both partners have to work to make the relationship good. And that is partial truth. From experience we know that the woman changing gives absolute results, inspiration and positive influence in the relationship. We teach a woman right skills to become a powerful yet loving transformation master of the energy of herself. Even if the partner refuses to coach along. In 90% of the cases that is absolutely enough to transform the relationship.

Dealing with Difficult People (boss, colleagues or family members…)
Dealing with Difficult People

Deal with Difficult People

Some people are absolute pain. No matter the status, the blood bond. No matter how HARD You TRY or DO Your BEST. They would disqualify and disapprove any effort of yours. Well, this is a caution zone that is very important to address. Overtime this may become so toxic that would put someone through burnout. Also not being able to trust people, to hold you back from living what you deserve or even clinical depression.

Dealing with difficult people is like slow poison, which is difficult to put your finger on, since it may not be full blow insults, but just feel wrong. Such challenges may seem to be none of your responsibility, just some shit coming from outside, but actually they are serving as a purpose to show that you need some extra self-work. You may want to get some healthy reflection on what’s going on. Also to develop more inner strength, better communication skills, to learn to put yourself first and to get clear on inner & outer boundaries. Life coach support is priceless.

Divorce Stress
Divorce coaching

Divorce Coaching

After family losses, divorce is rated as one of the most traumatic life experiences. I am sure you underestimated and thought that it’s just you making the fuzz about it. Also tagged in your mind that it’s not a big deal. But what happens pushing through life with the ‘doesn’t matter story’ your emotions gets suppressed even more and more. And you find yourself to be a person, which you haven’t been before. This has effects especially on sensitive people, leaving scars for years and even causing damaging effects on their life and further relationships. Are you that sensitive person?  Your social environment may not be the best place to wear out your hurts and past, as you want to keep positive vibe which reminds you’re the good side of life. You may want to process the loss well with the right coach to be able to make a fresh start.

(Single) Parenting Challenges
Single Parenting Coaching

Single Parenting Coaching

I once heard that being a single parent is a very temporary position, which does not really need to be addressed. Sometimes, when one has amazing family and friends living close by or very good ex-partner parent who supports in multiple ways, this may indeed be no challenge at all. But what if you are standing completely alone in this situation? Or didn’t have the right example how to parent? You may be facing an uncontrollable child, screaming, who leaves you feel drained, helpless & devastated. Can barely wrap up your life with all the extra challenges next to that? Your life coach support is available here.

Work Stress, Tiredness & Burn-OUT
Burnout Coaching

Burnout Coaching

Feeling constantly tired is an alert which may quickly result in long lasting effects on your health and your life. After one has been under pressure for a longer period of time it may result as a disability to focus, to process information or to work all. This often has to do with the triggers of the ongoing situation as well as patterns and baggage from the past which may be coming out exactly at the wrong timing – when you already feel absolutely depleted. It is important to tackle this issue as soon as possible. The sooner it is tackled, the less time you need for recharging your energy and rebuilding your functioning. Highly qualified life coach helps you to transform it all! Get in touch>>