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5 STEPS to ease BURNOUT directly


Last time getting an allergic attack on my skin, I had to think of how NOT to get out of the ‘repairing more’ first. We all know this fancy word stress, but what if you don’t feel to be stressed at all and there are still certain symptoms popping up such as burnout? The answer is very simple as well as very complicated, recharge your nervous system. How does one do that.. huh???

STEP 1 # Learn your invisible stress line first:

Firstly, if you have a burnout or any physical symptom that is autoimmune, there is definitely some ‘pain’, unconscious self-fight or disfunctioning area in your life. Due to that, I suggest to take a piece of paper and a pen and without thinking too much, put down anything that crosses your mind while reading this article.

How to find it?

Secondly, simple questions may help you grasp the needle lost in the hay to understand what is reinforcing the burnout unconsciously: what’s the topic you don’t talk about easily? What do you blame yourself of? What you normally don’t share to other people? Which area of my life could work better? Who are the people that cause tiredness to you with their presence? Which areas of my life are not filled? Who has annoyed you, but you did not stand up to make (or speak out) you point? Where do you feel uncomfortable?

Where are the answers?

Well, that’s a good one. Give yourself a week to give the questions repeatedly, without trying to rationalize the answers. Then observe your physical sensations, emotions, mood when you are in particular situations or busy with certain thoughts or questions. When does your body resist and when does it relax? A diary could be helpful for the self-reflection.

STEP 2# Pleasurable nothingness

Stay close to your heart, listen to what your intuition tells you, get into activities that enhance the physical and mental experience of peace, safety or pleasurable nothingness. Moreover, when we silence the mind, there’s more space created to creative thoughts and insights, relaxation, beautiful feelings. Furthermore, have enough guts to catch your mind automatically turning thoughts of how everything is ‘wrong’ and tell to it to wait a little longer till you find your answers supported by the positive feeling.

STEP 3 # Stay in the repairing (lifestyle) mode

I believe that health and happiness naturally belong to us. The art is not to turn away from it. But let’s be honest, meditation is not enough if after those 20 minutes you get back to live in chaos. Certainly, you have to dismiss stress factors to be able to stay in the repairing mode.

Besides that, I had to think of one of my jobs, that I quit without having any alternative, any safety, any new idea, nor financial buffer. Now when I see it back, it was one of the greatest decisions to right away ‘quit something that is destructive’. Or in other words, kicking stress cause out of my life just in one go. This made me very strongly believe that anything that is causing ‘irreparable’ stress must be refused as quickly as possible. Refuse it without too much rationalizing of the consequences to get out of the circumstances adding upon the burnout.

Therefore, when the active stress factor is constantly affecting life, it might be extremely difficult to find any other positive and constructive solution, even to get at peace. Finally, looking for the inner insights and answers from the messed up place, you usually get into another messed up place, job or relationship.

STEP 4 # 1 week Cure for your Nervous System

There’s a physical manner to boost the nervous system, also to decrease and prevent the burnout.

Sub-Step 1:
Fristly, turn off all the media, incl phone, internet, TV, radio off at 8 PM for a week.. but if something happens?! pop pop pop – say goodbye to these protective thoughts. Nervous system is picking up waves and sounds even when you sleep! It delivers extra unnecessary charge to your brain and keeps you alert.

Sub-Step 2:
Secondly, get out in the same week 2 times to have a walk in the nature (don’t forget an umbrella:)), no tram, no car, no bike, no train – just simple and slow walking.

Sub-Step 3:
Thirdly, see one friend (or person) during that week that generate peace in their mental and emotional environment, anyone who is peep’ing or complaining that week – should be completely banned out of your system.

Finally, a day-off in the middle of that week. Stop bothering about groceries, household, kids and partner, bills, post or other regular responsibilities (like getting stressed while planning free time), seek for an alternative. Then see how it feels!

STEP 5 # Get in touch with a specialist

What I can do for your exhaust & lack of energy:
Our burnout treatment & prevention therapies go way deeper than just a psychotherapy. Next to counselling, we also work with the body as well as with thoughts and emotions to get the complete and effective recovery. Such a great preventive balancing hands-on treatment for the liquids surrounding your brain and spinal cord – the place where chemical substances are released and happiness hormones get in the flow throughout your system. Nevertheless, during our sessions you can repair, re-charge nervousness and slow down physically.

Moreover, you learn to talk to your body and to hear what it tells you. Besides that, you can become aware of burnout puzzle and learn to reprocess and repair with Intelligent Bodywork talking sessions. In conclusion, we teach you to tune back into the ‘repairing mode’ with sophisticated neuro-effective touch, craniosacral therapy and specialized conversational methods. In this way you can easily clean up your unconscious mental baggage and discharge the emotional load.

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