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Are you trapped by an Energy Drainer?

Are you Fixing and Doing your Best? Constantly tired? Lack of energy? Close to burn-out? Check these few points that may be adding to your energy leak! Most of the time burned-out people are trapped into doing very much their inner or outer best. They often seek how they could better adapt to a situation […]

Anti-inflammatory Chocolate Muffins

This fantastic recipe is sweet, has some carbs, but doesn’t give the insuline peak in comparison to regular wheat-sugar muffins. It’s great for people who are holding on sugar-free diets and want something tasty! These muffins will prevent damage if you work on healing your inflammatory joint problems, if you have sensitives intestines such as […]

Corona Virus Threat – How to Enhance Your Immunity?

When the government is busy to control the break out, cancel many public events and many companies prepare their employees to work remotely, real prevention – remains your own business. So what else can you do to protect yourself and your family better? You may not be able to avoid public transport, airports, train stations, […]

5 TOP Burnout Foods to Avoid

5 TOP Burnout Foods to Avoid Burnout occurs as a result of chronic stress. It affects the person emotionally. It also affects hormones and chemical reactions in the body causing adrenal fatigue. Your adrenal glands are responsible for producing cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that helps regulate stress reactions, inflammations and blood pressure. When you’re […]

6 top hidden Emotional causes of Burnout

6 top hidden Emotional causes of Burnout 1.You were doing very much your best for too long Stress may have affected any area of your life, which is important to you. Think of your job, family, relationships, finance, health and emotional well-being. Nevertheless, you may be occupied by not being able to find a solution […]

FIGHTING skills – LIVE or DIE in word!

FIGHTING skills – LIVE or DIE in word! Are you dealing with some kind of MEAN ASS? This article reaches to kind, loving and compassionate people, who sooner seek for the common good for everyone rather than own advantage. Unfortunately, that KIND one may end up oneself being pressured, used or belittled. Do you want […]

10 Symptoms of Stress that Lead to BURNout

1#Fatigue Firstly, do you feel tired all the time and the fatigue continues to persist? It may be that your body has become unbalanced due to stress. Feeling these symptoms action must be taken quickly to prevent the worsening & depletion. 2#Lack of Energy Secondly, do you already feel lack of energy and not being […]

5 STEPS to ease BURNOUT directly

Getting into REPAIRING MODE Last time getting an allergic attack on my skin, I had to think of how NOT to get out of the ‘repairing more’ first. We all know this fancy word stress, but what if you don’t feel to be stressed at all and there are still certain symptoms popping up such […]