6 top hidden Emotional causes of Burnout

6 top hidden Emotional causes of Burnout

1.You were doing very much your best for too long

Stress may have affected any area of your life, which is important to you. Think of your job, family, relationships, finance, health and emotional well-being. Nevertheless, you may be occupied by not being able to find a solution or simply to have more space for yourself. It can keep you awake or thinking. It also may not have an easy solution. On the other hand, a depleting area of your life may not be that obvious. Still, both may result as subconscious overload and cause your nervous system to shut down at some point.

2.You were in difficult circumstances for too long

Sometimes so many things pile up bugging you from all sides, that you start perceiving them as normal. Next to that, you may perceive being under stress or under high pressure as normal too. This can indicate that you have tendency for working harder than others and for burnout too.

3.You are tend to please others sooner than to please yourself

You were setting yourself on the side for too long. Moreover, you want to make sure everything is working out and everyone is happy. You tell to yourself that you can wait, your need too. Not enough that, you may perceive that your needs are less important, since around you there are people who are more needy.

4. You did not have the opportunity to express or to process your emotions

It may be difficult to give a place to what you are at or what you have been through. Sometimes it is difficult even to understand that what you are going through is quite a ‘portion’ of overload. Due to that emotions may invisibly bottle up and cause a nervous breakdown. As the result, you may explode or on the contrary may experience apathy or depressiveness.

5. It is difficult to draw a line 

Furthermore, your tolerance line might be too broad. You may also be not leaving enough space for yourself to choose or to say no. Instead, you may try to make sure that you act or participate very well. Often you are not even aware that you went way too far beyond your own borders to be able keep on going

6. Putting too much pressure on yourself

Finally, you may organically take over the responsibilities of others that you are not even required. Next to that, you might feel very responsible for the outcome or result when you are required to participate. Due to that, you may be identifying your personal value with the task that has to be taken care of.

Heal and prevent

Experience shows that conversational therapies by itself are not enough to heal the burnout completely. We have 10 years of experience and expertise by assisting burnout recoveries and prevention. We use many techniques that help to relieve the blocks, which are spread throughout the physical and emotional body. Body is a perfect reflection and road map towards the unconscious information treasures. Clients learn to get out of their head and feel the reasons & solutions with their gut. The effect of these treatments is very calming, recharging and tremendously insightful. Treatment applies directly to the root causes of excessive tiredness. It also helps to recreate deep inner peace, to move towards recovery and to get rid of many physical symptoms on the long term. >> Book an appointment