Corona Virus Threat – How to Enhance Your Immunity?

When the government is busy to control the break out, cancel many public events and many companies prepare their employees to work remotely, real prevention – remains your own business. So what else can you do to protect yourself and your family better? You may not be able to avoid public transport, airports, train stations, fast food and coffee places. Many give a laugh about the whole virus thing, hoping it’s nothing serious. Others simply think they can do nothing to prevent it and try not to think about it. I prepared a short list of practical tips and ideas which you can quickly implement in order to stimulate your immunity, heal flu and focus on staying strong.

Sleep is crucial

First of all, what is the strong immunity? Immunity drops down 50% with just one night of no sleep. Even if you cannot avoid tress, make sure that you put yourself to sleep or to rest in a flat position with lights off for a few extra hours per day. Only when one is resting, eliminative organs get active and the natural detox process can function.

Seconly, think about how not to overload your immune response. The body which is daily introduced to alkaline diet, makes it more difficult for the virus to attach. Are antioxidant foods enough? Probably not, since no one eats a very clean diet these days due to industrialization. Keeping that in mind, body has tendency to ran out of the antioxidants faster, or simply does not have enough of it. While at the same time, the digestive system is charged to the light inflammatory mode to digest refined, sprayed or processed food.

Foods to introduce

To begin with, introduce for your breakfast one of the following fruit each day: orange, pineapple or grapefruit. Special compounds help to lightly thin the mucous and blood. If you have just caught a cold, that will help you to sneeze it all out faster. Watch out on combining those fruits with specific medications. Before lunch introduce hot water with a few slices of lemon and ginger, crunch them in your cup. Everyone knows its great benefits.

Enrich your soups and evening meals with turmeric and various chilli peppers. It has great healing properties! Still, watch out with stomach ulcers and stomach problems on those two ingredients. Even though they are very healthy, not everyone can digest it.

Go Vegan as long as you’re sick

Moreover, eating plenty of veggies and plant based foods (such as beans, lentils, chickpeas) always help to recover faster. Since plant are easily digestible and allows the immunity to focus on fighting viruses. Some studies show, that eating animal food makes body to produce more antibodies and T-killer cells. This means that immunity has to work twice as hard when the person is sick and keeps eating animal foods. Eat plant based for as long as you are fighting cold, flue or sickness.

Supplements to introduce

Vitamin C together with one of the other below mentioned antioxidant have a very strong antimicrobial effects. Some new studies suggest that these combinations are often even more effective than using antibiotics.

Importantly, choose next to the breakfast vitamin C with one other antioxidant herbal supplements such as Glutathione, N-Acetyl-Cysteine, Echinacea, Cloves, Oregano oil, Thyme. If you do it preventively, use the daily dosage (indicated on the packages) at breakfast. The prevention rhythm of 2 weeks on supplements, 2 weeks off supplements, to keep your immunity stronger. If you are sick, remember that therapeutic dosage of food supplements is doubled 4 times of the daily recommended dosage (which is indicated on the packages). Vitamin C preventive dosage is around 250mg per day, therapeutic dosage is 1000 mg per day. It’s the best to spread the intake of therapeutic dosages throughout the day.

Last tip: The reliable brands findable in The Netherlands are for example Bonusan, Vital, Nutriphyt, Vitakruid, Viridian, Solgar, Orthica, A.Vogel. Don’t go for cheap, since usually they have a synthetic compounds used in the manufacturing process.

Keep strong! Get in touch.