10 Symptoms of Stress that Lead to BURNout


Firstly, do you feel tired all the time and the fatigue continues to persist? It may be that your body has become unbalanced due to stress. Feeling these symptoms action must be taken quickly to prevent the worsening & depletion.

2#Lack of Energy

Secondly, do you already feel lack of energy and not being able to participate well in your daily activities and work? It may also be harder to get going in the morning and more difficult to drag yourself into work every day.

3#Lack of Motivation

Thirdly, when you don’t feel enthusiastic about anything anymore or you no longer have that internal motivation for your work. There’s a good chance you’re experiencing first signs leading to burnout.

4#Physical Symptoms

Fourthly, stress has enormous impact on your health and leaves your body exposed to various physical complaints. Stress also affects your immune system, circulation, hormones, organs, muscles and you may suffer from headaches, ringing ear, dizziness. Furthermore, you may experience many more symptoms, which may not yet fall under any medical diagnose or treatment.

5#Sleeping Problems

Fifthly, due to repeated stress your body gets very exhausted. This has a considerable impact on your daily functioning. It may be that it will turn your day and night rhythm around leaving you extremely tired during the day, and not being able to sleep well at night.

6#Stomach Pain

Do you wake up in the morning with a squeezing feeling in your belly or regularly experience stomach pain, cramps or nausea? This may be indicating that your digestive tract is sensitive to stress and results as physical sign of ‘fight or flight’.


Regular palpitations, shortage of breath and pressing feeling on your chest can indicate underlying stress. If you are confronted with these symptoms regularly, this can ultimately lead to a burnout.

8#Feeling Down & Empty

Due to persistent stress you can feel down or apathetic and get into depressiveness. As the result, these repressed feelings as well as not being able to feel truly happy can eventually lead to a burnout.

9#Feeling agitated

Moreover, you may feel rushed through an abundance of small activities. If this excitement persists for a long time, you can quickly get irritated. If you regularly get confronted with your environment, it makes you to stay alert even if you try to ignore it. Alertness is also one of the symptoms of a burnout.

10#Frustration and Negative Emotions

Finally, you might notice that you feel more generally pessimistic than you used to. While everybody experiences some negative emotions from time to time, it is important to know when these are becoming
unusual for you.